Rite Price Industrial Coatings and Supplies are proud to supply Norglass Paints and Speciality Finishes.

Norglass are a Specialist manufacturer of premium quality paints and surface coatings. Australian made, Australian owned.

All Norglass products are manufactured in their Sydney factory, with each raw material selected for its performance, not price. In fact, every product manufactured by Norglass undergoes a triple-check evaluation to make sure the raw materials are to their highest standard before being used.

This process is carried out until the manufactured product is placed on the warehouse shelf for sale. It is what has ensured that every item that leaves the factory really is the best of the best – and why Norglass has been fully endorsed by market acceptance nationally in one of the harshest and most extreme climates on earth.

With over 50 products, Norglass has a start-to-finish approach for consistency and a quality, professional finish every time. From solvents, cleaners, additives, glues, fillers and reinforcing materials to all-important primers, undercoats, finishes and clears – Norglass really does have a solution for every DIY need.

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