Tapes and Adhesive Tapes

From lightweight transparent tape to durable mounting tape, Rite Price Industrial Coatings & Supplies offers a comprehensive selection to cater to a variety of requirements. Our extensive tape collection is meticulously curated to suit diverse applications including masking, packaging, protection, repair work and beyond.

Our product range encompasses single-sided tapes, double-sided tape solutions, cloth tapes, masking tape, packaging tapes, duct tapes and more all available nationwide.

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Types of Tapes

Explore our range of tapes and duct tapes and choose a type that meets your requirements!


How many types of tape are there?

There are many types of tapes available with some having general uses while others have specialised uses. The most common types of tapes include double sided tape, duct tape, caution tape, cloth tape, adhesive tape, thread tape, fragile tape, foil tape, masking tape and PVC tape.

What tape sticks best to plastic?

When adhering to plastic surfaces, double-sided adhesive tapes with a strong bonding capability, especially those formulated for plastic-to-plastic adhesion, tend to work best. Additionally, tapes with an acrylic adhesive are often recommended for their reliable adhesion to various surfaces, including plastics.

What is the strongest tape to hang things?

When seeking the utmost strength for hanging items, double-sided adhesive tape is a reliable choice. This tape type offers excellent bonding capabilities and is designed for secure attachment. One prominent option is " VHB (Very High Bond) Tape," renowned for its industrial-grade adhesive strength. It can form robust bonds even on challenging surfaces.