Coreflute Sheets and Templating

Coreflute Sheets are a type of twin-wall Polypropylene sheet designed for various applications such as signage, packaging, displays, surface protection, and a wide range of industrial uses. This material is lightweight, robust, and has exceptional impact resistance and waterproof properties.

Safeguard your project site from potential damage that could result in unnecessary repair expenses and lost productivity hours. Utilise protective coreflute sheets, which are adaptable and lightweight materials capable of being bent, shaped, and cut to provide effective impact protection for carpets, tiles, parquetry, and other delicate surfaces.

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What Is A Coreflute Sheet?

Coreflute is a "fluted" polypropylene that resembles the corrugated structure of cardboard, featuring two walls united and separated by ribs. The advantages of this material, when used as surface protection, are its high impact resistance, die-cuttable, weather and water resistant, and resistant to greases and oils.

Coreflute also has UV resistance, adding an extra layer of protection. Moreover, a coreflute sheet serves as a versatile packaging solution, fulfilling roles such as pallet liners, product dividers, and waterproof barriers.


What are Coreflute Sheets used for?

Coreflute is useful across different industries such as signage, horticulture, material handling, templating and construction. Once the coreflute sheet and templating gets extruded, it becomes useful in processes such as printing, cutting, welding, and assembly.

Are Coreflute sheets waterproof?

Coreflute sheets possess waterproof properties due to their composition and design. Polypropylene used in the making of coreflute sheets is a type of plastic that naturally repels water. Additionally, the structure of coreflute sheets, featuring two walls separated by ribs, further enhances their water-resistant characteristics.

How to cut Coreflute?

You can easily cut the coreflute using a standard box-cutter knife.