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How to Minimise Scratches on Timber Flooring

How to Minimise Scratches on Timber Flooring

While real timber flooring is one of the most popular interior design methods to bring natural materials into the home, wooden floors are exposed to a certain amount of wear and tear. Did you know that small to medium-sized scratches can be easily repaired using wood filler? 

Unfortunately, more substantial damage may call for a replacement of the timber planks, however, modern-day wood filler can help you avoid a lot of bother and expense when maintaining the beauty of your timber floors.

Prepare the site

Once you have decided to use wood filler to repair any dents or other damage to your flooring, you will need to prepare the site by sanding down any rough edges and “keying” the area. This will ensure that old paint or wood varnish is removed and the wood is in the best state for adhesion of the product. One final clean with a tack cloth prior to applying the product will help the area remain free of dust. 

Choose the correct wood filler

The good news is that many types of wood filler are coloured, which helps your repairs to blend more easily without having to apply fresh paint or varnish to the site. If you are unable to source a filler that is close to your existing floor colour, you may be better off opting for a plain, stainable version. While both water and solvent-based wood fillers are available, the latter is your best choice for flooring due to it being the more durable of the two. 

Correct application

Wood filler is susceptible to shrinking as it dries, so you should press it well into any gaps, cracks or scratches using a putty knife. It is always best to leave it as long as possible to ensure a hard and easy-to-sand finish. 

Once sanded smooth, the area can be repainted or varnished to match the rest of the flooring. Sourcing a wide range of wood filler types is easy thanks to outlets such as Rite Price Distributors in Molendinar. We sell to the public, so if you can save yourself an expense by undertaking a DIY job.

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