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The Versatility of Using Epoxy Resin Supplies for Commercial and Home Applications

The Versatility of Using Epoxy Resin Supplies for Commercial and Home Applications

The combination of the typical Aussie’s obsession with property and the growing number of home-do-over shows on TV has seen a rise in DIY home improvements, for both domestic and commercial property owners. Wanting to live in a nicer abode and the attraction of a higher selling price has led to many people picking up a paintbrush and going in search of a colour swatch. The benefit of a DIY makeover is that with your mortgage being regulated by the banks, being able to increase the value of your property with very little outlay is a great way to offset your investment.

This is great news for DIY supplies and hardware market. Where once home-handyman jobs were the realm of retirees and husbands with too much time on their hands, today mini-makeovers and unlicensed renovations are a growth area in the property sector. Epoxy resin supplies in particular have become so popular due to their multiple applications.

Increasing diversity of home improvement projects

You’re not a licensed tradesperson and you won’t be knocking down a wall on your own to add a new room anytime soon, so you can focus on the fixtures and fittings in your home. Renovating your floor coating is something worth doing yourself as it’s reasonably less labour-intensive than you think. If you have a timber deck, you’ll need an electric sander and epoxy resin supplies to give your flooring a gloss coat with high-demand wear and tear capabilities. 

The use of recycled materials, being stripped back then coated with protective epoxy resin to bring out the lustre of the timber is a great way to spruce up a room. Have a look at the materials used in your existing flooring and furniture, such as your tabletops, sideboards, buffets and armoires, and consider whether they could use a surface overhaul. 

If you consider yourself a bit of an artist, you could look at going that little bit further to incorporate epoxy resin designs into your tabletops, wall art or curios, which combine this flexible and attractive material with contrasting forms, such as reclaimed timber.

The internet is full of “how to” videos on how to create art with epoxy resin and people are even making a profit from selling their designs.

Improved safety standards

The commercial use of epoxy resin originally started in the aerospace industry in the 1970s, as its valuable combination of strength, flexibility and lightweight components were recognised by aviation designers. Modern commercial applications include everything from paints and primers to construction materials and bonding agents, boosting diversity for the building industry.

As its use spread to the domestic applications, however, health concerns were raised due to some of the harmful components that gave it these useful properties. Specifically, older formulations of epoxy resin supplies contained Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), some of which were found to be dangerous to human health.

Today, however, VOCs in epoxy resin supplies have been reduced to very safe levels. A reputable supplier such as Rite Price Distributors sells epoxy resin completely safe for everyday use, so contact our friendly team today on 1800 954 295 to discuss your home improvement needs.

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