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What is the Future of the Epoxy Resin Market? | Rite Price Distributor

What is the Future of the Epoxy Resin Market? | Rite Price Distributor

Epoxy resin is seeing a rise in consumption all around the world, which is being fuelled by an increase in its applications. The basic product can be manufactured in several forms, including liquid and solvent cut. Resin is popular due to its corrosive-resistance, low moisture-absorption and its high stability and adhesive properties.

However, it is the water-borne version of the substance that is set to become the most widespread and profitable in future.

The properties of epoxy resins make it extremely useful in constructing and protecting many other materials. It is relatively cheap, and its strength and durability mean it gives added value to other products. The market share for epoxy resin distributors is likely to increase significantly in the foreseeable future.

Several areas of growth in use

Global economic trends are seeing a focus on some specific areas of growth. This is true in all economic markets, from Asia-Pacific to Africa and the Middle East. Two of the most significant growth areas are construction and automobile manufacture for the product’s safe and long-lasting results.

On the Gold Coast, marine applications make epoxy resin a popular component in boat-building.

The marine industry has increasingly begun to use epoxy resins for their superior bonding abilities to polyester and the low toxicity. As global trade continues to grow, commercial fleets transporting oil and container-based hardware will become more reliant on this durable paint product. Epoxy resin distributors are supplying shipbuilders and fitters, which are finding more and more uses for their products on seagoing vessels.

Water-borne applications for new markets

Much of the coming growth in the epoxy market is set to come from its water-borne variations. These can be used by domestic customers as well as large-scale industry, making these products extremely saleable and transferable. Applying epoxy resin products in water solutions is much safer and more convenient than epoxy’s liquid or solvent-cut applications.

Water-borne epoxy solutions are used in the construction industry as a primer for freshly poured cement. This makes the concrete water-resistant, which is of huge value to building suppliers and contractors. The Asia-Pacific region in particular, and some parts of the African continent are witnessing major investment in infrastructure projects, such as road and commercial developments.

As these compounds can be supplied in safe, stable containers, the future for epoxy resin suppliers like Rite Price Distributors looks very bright indeed. Present and future global economic activity appear certain to sustain and increase demand for these versatile products.

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