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The benefits of MDF Sheets

The benefits of MDF Sheets

MDF sheets (medium-density fibreboard) could be touted as one of the 20th century’s greatest strides in timber technology, using a computerised process to manufacture this durable, environmentally friendly product. They address a range of issues associated with mass timber production and offer a wealth of benefits including: ease of manufacture, overall construction, versatility and sustainability.

MDF Sheets are a sustainable timber 

Unlike raw timber, MDF sheets come from a variety of sources and are manufactured using processed (chipped) and reconstituted wood combined with bonding agents to create a denser, stronger product than plywood. The wood fibres use sources of fast-growing timber – such as bamboo and pine – to provide efficient renewability. These wood fibres are also mixed with environmentally friendly wax or resins and use heat and pressure to form flat, lightweight boards. 

There are different grades of MDF sheets

The outcome of this innovative process is that MDF Sheets are available in various forms and can be finished using different grades, depending on their end-use. From raw and smooth, through to finely sanded and even decoratively overlaid styles. Yet, no matter what their finished grade, they are all easy to work with, safe, green and flexible in their use.

MDF sheets are versatile and easy-to-use.

Thanks to their lightweight yet robust construction, MDF sheets are easy to handle, so they’re often the timber of choice for carpenters and DIY afficianados alike to work with.  They have many end-uses, which makes them ideal for a wide range of commercial or at-home applications. For example, they can be used internally, for home storage, interior doors, partitioning and they are also ideal for school projects – thanks to their construction. 

Moisture-resistant MDF sheets

While MDF was originally created for indoor-use, many modern versions of the product are water-resistant and can be veneered for further protection. These innovations have led to a boom in the use of this flexible material in kitchens, bathrooms and other more demanding environments. 

Sourcing high-quality MDF

Ensuring that the right MDF product is used for your proposed applications is crucial to the success of any project. This is where expert advice and the correct sourcing of materials come into play. Companies such as Right Price Distributors are able to supply a diverse range of MDF sheets in many different styles and grades at highly affordable prices. Ask us how to best use MDF Sheets for your next project.

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